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(TSC) Does the domain reputation impacts SEO?

Does the domain reputation impacts SEO?

What I mean is if a domain is among certain email blacklists (though it has 45+ domain authority and increasing over time), will this impact any of the SEO factors?
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  • Ankit Gupta: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z13hs52y4laxclmqi04cdzrrvpjwjlnh4wo0k#1509254097161766"> Thanks. I`ll drop you my domain name.

    I have hired Neil Patel two years back. He and his team left the SEO audit project after taking the 50% advance amount. I requested a full refund but he never turned back. Had a very bad experience working with him.

    Still, I follow him as some of his blog posts are interesting but never implement anything without using common sense :)
  • Ankit Gupta: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z13hs52y4laxclmqi04cdzrrvpjwjlnh4wo0k#1509254619149462"> Just tried a couple of things but couldn`t find a way for sending you a private message :(

    Can you please guide on this?
  • Ankit Gupta: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z13hs52y4laxclmqi04cdzrrvpjwjlnh4wo0k#1509294215423764"> Sent you a message through
  • Gregory Keet: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z13hs52y4laxclmqi04cdzrrvpjwjlnh4wo0k#1509581294452438"> agreed. in my opinion spamming should be avoided at all costs. a persons/company reputation takes a dive when doing that.
  • Ankit Gupta: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z13hs52y4laxclmqi04cdzrrvpjwjlnh4wo0k#1509596262096712"> Have you got a chance to look into it?

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