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(TSC) Google ignores multiple links to the same URL

Hey Smarties-

WBF Question- https://moz.com/blog/links-headers-footers-navigation-impact-seo

"Google ignores multiple links to the same URL. This is actually true internal and external. For this reason, if you`re going ahead and trying to stuff in links in your internal content to other pages, thinking that you can get better anchor text value, well look, if they`re already in your navigation, you`re not getting any additional value."

I did not know this about anchor text. Just to clarify, two links on a page will pass link equity (although it will vary based on page placement), but only the anchor text value of the first link will be applied?

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  • Sasch Mayer: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12dtd0yyzyictnz304cc1qyxtb2ftih0hw#1509104698130418"> Why would you add nofollow to internal links?
  • Sasch Mayer: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12dtd0yyzyictnz304cc1qyxtb2ftih0hw#1509107408233223"> To me, this is just negative gain. Further, just because Amazon does it, doesn`t mean it`s the correct approach to take.

    It`s 2017, not 2007... My advice would be to focus on making your site a customer focused resource, instead of worrying about PR Flow...
  • Ankit Gupta: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12dtd0yyzyictnz304cc1qyxtb2ftih0hw#1509105792015511"> It is the concept of link sculpting wherein we prevent passing the links juice to a non-important page by making it nofollow such as privacy policy and terms of use pages. Giants like Amazon and Alibaba have done this on their websites.

    Since, there is common navigation in header and footer (we can`t help when it comes to UX), using the same technique, we allow only one of the two same links to pass the links juice. This is why I use nofollow for internal links.
  • Ankit Gupta: <div jsname="ndVxLd" data-id="z12dtd0yyzyictnz304cc1qyxtb2ftih0hw#1509252129390127"> Yes, I am following the same concept and have gained good SERP

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