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SEO for Recruiting/Job industry

Hello. Have a potential client, that`s in the Recruiting/Job industry. Has anyone SEO`d specifically for this industry and if so, did you have any insight on what did and didn`t work?

The client is a small boutique firm located in Chicago but posts a small amount of jobs openings from 5 other states. My thinking is the only way to succeed here is to really target the local market. There are sites appearing on page 1 for "Chicago Jobs", just as a quick example, and I know we can do SEO better than they do...based on what audit details I could derive.

Potential Client’s Situation:

-Overall Content: Lacking but can/will address w/ client

-Blog: In place. Client "employs" a blog writer, but that is still a work in progress due to lack of industry knowledge and SEO writing skills

-Job Postings: Present, and honestly, this is the area I struggle thinking through the SEO. Is it worth it, if jobs get filled in say...less than a month?

Thank you!

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  • Tim Capper: I have had some experience with Job market - pretty tough. On site content - because small job sites are dealing with all the national sites. Think guides, think interview tips, think industry news, industry resources. - you have to go BIG to compete. Even if niche - you should split into categories in my case it was ( pen testing, cyber security, technical security ) Google is also going big on job postings: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/job-postings So make sure your format for the jobs page is as detailed as possible. When a job expires we automated a 301 redirect back to the Job Category. Did I say GO big on content / Guides :) What i did find though was a mass of opportunities for longer tail search queries and exploited these quickly whilst you are working on short tail.
  • Ryan Logan: Excellent info Tim Capper. Appreciate it very much!

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