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Trying to improve my rankings for some web pages

I recently tried to improve my rankings for some web pages I have that are focused on services I offer through my business.

When I was planning how to do this, I thought it would be a good idea to see what the top ranking pages were doing so
I searched in Google for the keyword I wanted to rank for and, with the understanding that longer, more in-depth content tends to
rank better, I used the top-ranking pages as inspiration for new sections of content that I could add to my page to rank better.

I then added more content to one of my service pages. I had planned to do this to all three but only got to the one.

For comparison, here is a standard service page with no additions: peakwebsites.ca/website-services/website-optimization-services.php.

Now, here is a link to a service page I added more content to: peakwebsites.ca/website-services/website-maintenance-services.php.

Last night, I was looking at my traffic data through Google Webmaster Tools and I was shocked to see that the page that I added the content to seems to be ranking WORSE than the ones I didn`t (see attached image below).

I have a few theories about why this may have happened:

1. The content I added doesn`t include enough LSI keywords or contextually similar words (I haven`t verified this) and Google isn`t ranking it well for the target keyword.
2. There aren`t enough (or any) links pointing this page (although I know there are internal links pointing to this page).
3. I`m incurring some kind of Google penalty?

I`m completely confused about this and I`m hoping one of you smart folks might know what`s going on or have some insights about this.

Thank you!
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