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I want feedback and advise in the SEO area

I want feedback and advise in the SEO area. My website is www.legospot.com thank you
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  • Ryan Logan: I think you need a specific question here. What are you having trouble with or need suggestions for, specifically?
  • Melissa Baroni: Coming from a family that loves LEGO, you probably want to check into the brand name`s proper usage. Always in caps, among other things.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: True SEO requires many hours of learning, testing, experimenting, evaluating, adjusting and repeating on a regular basis. SEO requires understanding HUNDREDS of things. While you might get one or a few suggestions in this type of environment, it is IMPOSSIBLE to provide someone very new to SEO enough guidance to help in real ways, and instead, dramatically increases the potential for massive wasted effort, and massive missed opportunities. I highly suggest you take the time to treat this as a profession and if you want to learn SEO, start by LEARNING SEO. One great starting point is the Moz Beginners Guide to SEO https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo
  • James Oliveria: I also think you need a specific question. But I think you definitely have some issues with copyright infringement here. I’d pick a name that doesn’t have the word LEGO in it. Also, the logo is dangerously close to theirs as well. On top of that, Amazon is funny about having their logo plastered on there as well. Once you get those squared away you can worry about the seo. Any effort you put into it now will just likely wind up with a cease and desist letter once you start gaining some traction.

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