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Targeting multiple countries

Hey Guys, Have a new client, they`re quite big - targeting multiple countries etc. Anyway, I`ve noticed that they are insistent on having specific URLs for the targeted countries. This is causing a problem for 2 in particular - UK and Ireland, as it is creating duplicate content. The uk and irish site are exactly the same in terms of content. The .com is automatically redirected to the below.

The URLs look like this;



They seem adamant on keeping them this way. I should point out that at present there are no canonical tags on the site or hreflang tags, so that was going to be my recommendation anyway. From what I gather, the canonical tags wont stop the duplicate content because the URLs are permanently redirected to country specific URLs every time. Is this true? Or do you have better advice? Thanks.

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  • Linda Hogenes: The hreflang tags will tell Google it is not duplicate content. And hopefully will show the correct URL for that country in its own Google. Are they redirecting based on IP? I would definitely recommend against that. Might also give problems for Google crawling, and IP is not reliable enough to define location of the user.
  • Martin McGuire: I`ll find out if that`s the case. I`ve recently joined the project, so I`m coming in quite late on this. What would your recommendation be if it is redirecting from the IP?

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