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How to tell Google that "LiD travel" is not equal to "travel lid"?

Hello panelists, how are you doing... === I want to tell Google that `in lid travel, lid stands for lights in dark` and so `lid travel` is not same as `travel lid`. Is there a way to do so? See the image below how Google populated Google Suggests with travel lid keywords.
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  • Alan Bleiweiss: You have a mountain to climb. "Travel lid" and "lid travel" are understood to be identical for searcher intent based on years of time and millions of search queries. You would need to build enough of a case, through scale of content and word association awareness to overcome that. And while you work to do that, people who are looking for a lid for their travel cup will continue to search and click on travel lid results. So good luck with changing that.
  • Jason Mun: +1 what Alan Bleiweiss said. If you focus on building brand awareness around LID Travel, you might have a chance. To give you an example, I have a client who can a pretty common business name. They ran some radio ads for a month and Google Suggests started populating queries such as "brand name + radio" and "brand name promo". Volume of searches to listing click plays a big role, I reckon.

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