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SEO for a site with multiple locations

What`s the best way to structure SEO for a site with multiple locations, multiple services each with multiple sub services?

The site has a Services tab and a Locations tab in the main menu.

For the Locations tab I`m planning on showing each location which when clicked would show the services at that location and when you click a service it would show the subservices for that service and then clicking on that subservice would open up a dedicated page for that subservice. This way I can get great local SEO.

For the services tab I`m planning on showing the services offered and when you click on a service then you would see the subservices offered. I would not plan on creating any subservice pages here though since they are already listed under the Locations tab.

Does sound like it`s well structured SEO for a site like this? Here`s a short video walkthrough: https://www.dropbox.com/…/SEO%20dumb%20question%20structure…

Thanks for the advice!

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  • Scott Clark: I have been doing multilocation SEO for 15+ years with companies with up to 400 locations. Your structure sounds fine but the issue here is unique, valuable and local content on each "node" in light of the prominence of Google My Business for services. Just replacing the location name does not cut it on content uniqueness. I have moved towards a strong-core-lightweight-location model with strong schema on the location pages and strong consistency and completeness between location nodes and NAP/LBL directories (including major aggregators). For many businesses, this means a single page location node, with services listed, wrapped in services schema.

    You might find some helpful tips in this document
  • Scott Clark: One good example (who is not my client) is
  • Noland Anderson: Thanks for the feedback Scott! Do you know of any companies that are doing SEO right for about 3-5 locations spread out across the country?
  • Scott Clark: Take a look at servpro. They have hundreds of locations but they offer a good example of how unique content wins. Their content is not reused in any locations.

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