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I`m trying to switch my site from http to https

I`m trying to switch my site from http to https

I`ve already migrated the site over to Siteground which installs a free SSL. Do I also need to do a redirect? Is there anything else I need to do?

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  • Perry Bernard: Yes you will need to set the default domain to https, redirect all http to https and also ensure hard coded absolute urls in your site use https too if they refer to a URL within your domain (outbound links don’t matter).
  • Dean Hua: If I perform the redirect through htaccess, what`s the point of checking hard coded absolute urls on my site? Because aren`t those just going to be redirected anyway?
  • Perry Bernard: yes they will. But they will breach the ssl content check by the browser and be reported as only partially secure. Check with a browser like chrome on desktop and refer to the address bar comments for details...
  • Trey Collier: If the hard-coded absolute URLs are two images JavaScript and the like... This could slow down page load times as the server having to redirect to the HTTPS version of the URL. I think that page load times maybe a ranking factor of some sort.
  • Perry Bernard: the biggest issue is the browser warning and broken lock symbol. Plus with some scripts there could be actual security issues.
  • Travis Bailey: Yep. And you can probably use , especially if you have managed hosting.
  • Benj Arriola: Weird, in my view, I can`t see my earlier comment, but basically I shared some code you can add to your htaccess file if you are running on Apache so it does a wildcard 301 redirect of all http to https. I have a feeling FB doesn`t like code in the post and is hiding it.
  • Benj Arriola: I`ll find an online resource instead then and link to it.
  • Benj Arriola: What is not a good idea? The wildcard 301 redirect or the posting of code in FB?
  • Benj Arriola: 301 redirecting of HTTP to HTTPS? Why is it a bad idea?
  • Perry Bernard: redirect is necessary
  • Benj Arriola: It has been standard practice by many SEOs for a very long time. HTTP and HTTPS, www and non-www, trailing slash and /index.php, and many other cases. 301 internal duplicate content.
  • Michael Martinez: " I can`t see my earlier comment, but basically I shared some code you can add to your htaccess file" <- I saw your comment and thought it was fine. It wasn`t moderated. But it looks like David Kutcher has the solution for Siteground users.
  • David Kutcher: If you`re using Siteground, once you`ve installed the certificate, go to the SG plugin that`s likely already on your site and enable forced SSL.
  • Dean Hua: Where is this to be found? I don`t see it in my cpanel?
  • David Kutcher: in your wordpress installation on siteground, bottom of the left column in the admin. If not, go to Supercacher in the CPanel.
  • Dean Hua: I installed the plugin and enabled it. Didn`t realize there was an extra step involved. Thanks for mentioning this. Otherwise, I would`ve just assumed that SG`s installation of Let`s Encrypt was enough.
  • Dean Hua: Follow up: Since this plugin forced https through. htaccess, does this mean that I don`t need to do a redirect?
  • David Kutcher: Correct. It`ll do it for you, and extra.
  • Bilal Anwar: Yes you need to redirect. Goole it you will fine out one line code for htacess
  • Sahil Butt: plugin karo really sample ssl

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