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Promoting my gaming websites

Hi is fandom the right place to promote my client gaming websites , we are looking for 500-1000 page views per day , I want to know the pages i created wont be deleted like wikipedia and its the right way I have created them thanks

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  • Michael Martinez: You should review their Terms of Service page. No one here can guarantee your submissions won`t be deleted or edited on a Wiki site but the rule of thumb is that self-promotional content is not welcome on such sites.
  • Varun Kumar Riat: ok sure will do so so I should try to join gaming forums() like this site for getting 100 pageviews per day currently we are at 150 pageviews only
  • Michael Martinez: As someone who owns a fan forum and as someone who helps a friend moderate his own fan forum, I can tell you that many forum owners take a real dim view of people just dropping by to promote their Websites. Do you participate in any of these communities? Do you present at game conventions or rent dealer room space? What role do you actually play in the community? That is where your business will come from. People want to know who you are, what you`re all about.
  • Varun Kumar Riat: ok Michael will interact with the gaming community in my town join as many gamers i can but our games are completely diff and i have a deadline to meet 20000 pageviews by march end so i have to try my best .
  • Michael Martinez: I doubt this strategy will work. You need to generate some news to get people talking and searching.
  • Varun Kumar Riat: ok taking some help from a experienced seo
  • Varun Kumar Riat: joined 3 forums successfully but got banned in 2 , just have to answer 1 answer one day i think its like that more than 1 or 2 answers they ban
  • Michael Martinez: I think you should just create a blog and focus on creating good content for that. Aggressive self-promotion will hurt the company`s reputation among the people it most needs to attract.
  • Varun Kumar Riat: yes sir just discussed the website with a experienced seo friend he has said if your gaming company is not creating games for mobile then he should forget 1000 views in a day and focus on long term seo promotion so i will discuss with the client our competitors are giving lots of free deals too if he disagrees i cant get him the target he wants

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