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Meta descriptions and title tags for pagination pages

Is it worth the time and effort to come up with unique meta descriptions and title tags for pagination pages?

It seems are three way to deal with duplicate Meta description and title tags within pagination pages.

1. Give them totally unique title/meta descriptions

Is it worth it? seems very time consuming for me

2. Give the little modification like this is page two, "this is page two"...

Not sure is it do anything, especially for meta description since I don`t know those number mean anything to USER on SERPs

3.Just leave them duplicated

I wonder what would you deal with title/meta description with pagination pages, let me know your thought.


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  • Benj Arriola: You can leave them the same but add the pagination tags rel=next and rel=prev, let me look for a quick resource on that and paste it here.
  • Jay Lo: Thank you so much Benji !!!

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