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GMB SEO question: two businesses that share the same address

GMB SEO question: If you have two businesses that share the same address, will it work if you use a general coverage instead of using the actual address twice?

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  • Joshua B Allen: Can you not use suite a and b?
  • Travis Bailey: Don`t populate citations, for two businesses, with the same address. You`ll end up with a whole lot of NAP clean up. Finding a good virtual office is often difficult, and can be dicey itself. But it`s one way to get a different address.

    The key is `staffed during business hours`. I`ve worked at a building where some Canadian company was using the main address, rather than their actual unit #, in Grapevine, TX. I reported it, it was removed. Then it was back up a week later.

    The location offered physical and virtual offices. They had receptionists answer the phone 8-5, which would answer the phones with tenants business names.
  • Tim Capper: Two businesses that share the same address is not a problem if they are two separate legit businesses.

    Bobs Windows

    abc rd, xyz state
    123 456 789

    Jims Bakery
    abc rd, xyz state
    123 987 654

    There is no problem in building citation ins this senario.

    However if you have the same Name or variation of name + same address + tel number = do not build citations for both - only 1
  • Dominick White: Thanks !

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