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I need some help for local SEO

Hi guys, I`m new here and I just made-up website for selling wine targeting in New Zealand, and I need some help for local SEO.
Can someone advice where to start, where to look and what`s reasonable budget to start with?
I`m looking to hire someone to help me optimize/seo for my site www.winelab.co.nz
I want to promote our website locally in New Zealand for increase sales and good ranking for some keywords on google.
Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  • Jim Munro: is based in NZ, I think. :)
  • Perry Bernard: thanks. Yes I’m in NZ. you are welcome to drop me a line to see if we’re a match if you like.
  • Moshe Mo: do you want a local partner? If not I’d like working with you ✌️🙂
  • Perry Bernard: my company is in the USA. I’m in Auckland. Where are you?
  • Moshe Mo: Im in Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪

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