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Authorship Profile Pictures.

If I take a new snapshot of myself, upload to G+, without hat and freshly shaved would I get clicked on more?

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Answers from the Dumb SEO Questions Panelists.

  • Alistair Lattimore: Unfortunately Matt, first impressions count in the real world and the internet. Cyrus Shepard ran an experiment 1 where he tested the impact of 24 different authorship photos against one another to see which one improved click through rate the most and winner increased click through rate by 35%. 1 http://moz.com/blog/google-author-photos

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  • Phil Gregory: It's possible.  ;I raised this point before, for a long time I had no photo on my linked in profile, I got a lot of job offers and clicks. when i added the profile photo they slowed to a trickle.  ;People still judge a book by its cover.
  • Masatake Wasa: I suppose you're asking whether removing your hat will make authorship appear on search results, and resulting in a higher CTR? Possibly, though I don't think shaving would be necessary.
  • Nebojsa Djukic: I guess you will. This world belongs to good looking people. It is always easier to get a job or help from strangers if you are handsome. You should make a small experiment - change the photo and let us know what happen.
  • Brent Wildman: + ;
    Step 1: Be Attractive
    Step 2: Don't Be Unattractive
  • Rand Wilson: I've read that if you wear a bikini you will get much better CTR..  ;I'm going to give it a try..
  • Ashley Balstad: Ha! + ;, it is so true!
  • Steve Brownlie: + Borat stylee ftw!
  • Dimitri Prosvirin: Add boobs.
  • Matt Raynes: So, I'm looking at a boob job, acquiring a bikini type body and a probable uplift. ; All in the name of CTR, some of my clients may buy into this.
  • Ashley Balstad: + ;Hahahaha! Thanks for the laughs everyone. This is how to start the day :D
  • Matt Raynes: Hey! ; I'm not alone in this - 

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