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Would this be deemed to be duplicate content by Google?

A new client of mine is an author. (I m just working as an online marketing consultant for him not as an SEO specialist) He has a website and sends out bi monthly emails (content is usually an essay) to a good sized data base. He has a selection of email content on his website.
But his ESP generates a web copy of the email and that seems to be also hosted on my clients site albeit with a different URL.
Would that be deemed to be duplicate content by Google ? Should I ask him to change the format of his email so that it does not contain the whole essay, or shall I tell him to stop putting his email content up in his blog?
Thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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  • Michael Martinez: It`s NOT duplicate content but it does dilute the value of his private emails. He needs to make a business decision about whether to archive those posts where they can be found or to disable the archive.

    That said, you could compromise and set up a "robots.txt" directive to block crawling of the archived emails. Their URLs can still be indexed and old indexed content may remain search-visible for years, but new content (going forward) won`t be indexed.

  • Amanda Fong: Michael Martinez thank you, would you mind drilling a bit into why that won’t be duplicate content if both are online and also in the same domain?

  • Michael Martinez: Amanda Fong Sorry, but this is going to be a little long.

    Generally speaking, email archives embed contextual information that (I am -assuming-) is not included in the essays he publishes on the blog.

    That is typically enough to distinguish the content as "relatively unique" for major search engines.

    What the search engines -generally- consider to be duplicate content falls into 2 categories:

    1. Same content is published on multiple URLs on the same site via "faceted navigation", where you can change the sort order for qualifying criteria - think of size, color, price, etc. on an ecommerce site.

    2. The same body of text is republished on MANY sites (more than a few).

    Now, there are edge cases where different criteria might be used to deem something "duplicate content" - but the idea behind the concept is that there is too much of the stuff and the search engines know their users don`t want to see the same thing over and over again.

    2 copies of the same few posts on a Website - especially where contextual information differs - usually doesn`t cause a problem.

    That said, if the email archive is not linking to the blog then any PageRank-like value that flows to the archive (through links pointing to it from other sites) will NOT flow to the blog. And that leads to a RARE situation where you are splitting PageRank - metaphorically, leaking fuel all over the road as you drive your vehicle.

    Split PageRank isn`t normally a problem. If you have 2 copies of the same article on 2 URLs on your site, but they both link to the site`s main navigation and the navigation links down to those 2 copies, then you`re NOT splitting PageRank because it flows through the site navigation.

    I guess another way to put it is that as long as you can click from 1 page to another on the same site, you`re not splitting PageRank. But if you can only click from page 1 to page 2, or you can`t click through from either to the other, then they`re not sharing any PageRank they earn.

  • Richard Hearne: Michael Martinez what do you think about posting the emails after a delay? It seems wasteful to me not to publish that content, unless of course he charges for the email drop.

  • Michael Martinez: Richard Hearne I`ve debated doing that myself. But for me it would require extra work and I don`t have time for that. So I guess - again - it`s a business decision.

  • Pranav Madan: Hi all... I have a question and seek hel in sorting it out.. 15 webages of a portal have been made using WP Bakery pagebuilder and indexed. Though not ranking well. Now they have been redone using Elementor and improving content writing. Should I submit those pages for indexing again, via GSC? Does Google take it as fresh page to crawl n index? What happens to the pages built via WP Bakery? URL remains same.

    Many Thanks In Advance.

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