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Would love to pick some collective SEO brains

Hi! Would love to pick some collective SEO brains..
My client has a blog that was not marketed at all, has very low views and probably doesn’t even get near the SEO radar. The blog has some articles that are poorly written and I want to edit them to be more engaging and keyword oriented.
Do I
A) Rewrite the articles with keywords and meta details and reindex them? Or
b) Delete the old articles and post the edited articles? Or
C) any other options that would be useful in boosting SEO rankings?
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Reko Mäkelä: A) But make them search intent oriented rather than keyword oriented

  • Reko Mäkelä: Meaning try to answer the users search query

  • Annie Thomas: Reko Mäkelä so using something like answer the public?

  • Charlotte Burrows: Agree with A. The content would need to answer the questions that the user wants to find the answer to (I.e. if the user wanted to find out how to build a website, then you’d actually answer that question) if that makes sense

  • Lisa Conder Stauber: A. Add some tables or bullet points while you`re at it

  • Annie Thomas: Lisa Conder Stauber is there a benefit to tables and bullet points?

  • Lisa Conder Stauber: Annie Thomas yes, organizing data is easy for Google to index and feature in search results, and snippets. Tables, bullets, numbered lists all help.


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  • Ammon Johns: As I understand what you just said, the blog has no real traction with any audience, the low views are probably their own checking, and there are no significant search positions to be lost.

    This gives you total freedom to do just about whatever you want with it because it is as close as possible to a blank slate - nobody other than you and the client cares, or knows it is there.

    However, be aware that keywords and meta stuff is pretty basic, and outdated. Today`s search engines can return pages that don`t use the keyword if instead they use synonyms and are better suited to the searcher`s determined intention.

    If the keywords are even remotely competitive (which if they have any volume at all, they will be) then every other site out there has already paid attention to keywords and meta content, including hundreds of spammy sites you can`t even see in the results.

    As Reko was indicating, you need to go a lot further than just sprinkling in keywords and tweaking some meta tags - especially since meta data has no effect on rankings (but a description, in the few times the search engine use it, may affect CTR on rankings the rest of the page earns).

    You have to write content that people find useful, remarkable, or important enough, to share it with others via links. That`s priority number one. Once there is some reputation or notoriety, indicated by links, to at least some of the pages, then it will filter through to the rest of the site via your internal navigation links.

    Without some form of link power though, nothing much you do other than AdWords is going to get you any attention.

  • Annie Thomas: Ammon Johns thank you! This is useful!

  • Ash Turki: I would nurture my orginial content, the way i do it is that i look for ranked pages about the same topic and i check the keywords used using this tool https://sqwizo.com/app/keyword-density-counter It ll give me an idea about what keywords my competitors used and id use use them to bridge the gap .. most importantly i try to deliver quality content

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  • Baileigh Dabdoub: Just edit, implement schema, and reindex

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