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What ranking factors have changed around April?

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen. I have a question does anyone know what ranking factors have changed around April. I have a client whose account has had a significant decrease in positions
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  • George G.: Google has launched a ton of updates since April. Including one as we speak. A lot of the factors change on an update, but nobody tells you what exactly.

    The commonly accepted approach for fixing issues with site ranking is to look at it holistically and fix everything that needs to be fixed.

  • Roger Montti: Ranking isn`t as much about ranking factors as it was twenty years ago. Think in terms of relevance, not ranking factors.

    Google rankings are not a process of adding up which page has the most ranking factor points and then awarding the top rankings to the site with the highest score. That`s not how ranking works anymore.

  • Jaroslaw Pidburskyj: Significant, could be black hat installed but the webmaster doesn’t know its black hat.

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