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I’m trying to rank my business and not seeing results yet

Hey all I’m trying to rank my business and not seeing results yet, I think I just don’t know what the next step is.
My competitors have almost 0 backlinks and under 30 citations. I have many backlinks and use majestic, (not sure if that’s what you pros use) but I have trust score of 27 and citation flow of 28. I paid a guy to do 50 citations and just got the sheet today they’re all up. I have 2 reviews. I’m still not ranking.
What’s next?
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  • Brenda Malone: What`s your niche? What`s your content like on your site? Are your pages indexable? There are many factors besides backlinks and citations.

  • Dan Martin: Brenda Malone I`m sorry for the question, but what he meaning by (citations)

  • Agamjot Singh: Dan Martin It means whether your all pages are crawled by Google bot so that it can understand what the page is about(content) so that it index it can show results if user makes a query about this type of content! So do check whether your all pages are indexed through Search console Or check manually on Google search by Site:your domain and it will show you how many pages have been indexed.

  • Michael Martinez: Dan Martin Citations come from (sites purporting to be) business directories. They are useful for Google My Business. So not much for being crawled and indexed in general Web search.

  • Tyler Priest: Brenda Malone home theater niche and I don’t know what you mean by indexable

  • Sabir Baloch: if you want I can analyze your website and the competitors so i can tell you what are the reasons that your website is not getting ranking on SERP results

  • Josh Levenson: SEO is slow. Give it some time.

  • Shubham Sethi: Josh Levenson I agree to your point but just giving it time won’t do the job

  • Alan Peter: Shubham Sethi how long have you given it so far?

  • Shubham Sethi: Only if you are sure that everything is on point, then wait

  • Ammon Johns: Anyone should be able to follow a recipe, but that doesn`t mean that everyone is a chef.

    If that is true just to work on something as simple as human taste buds, why should anyone expect it to be simpler to work on a complex series of algorithms and systems designed by world-leading scientists in the field of Information Retrieval?

    Just like with food preparation and cooking, there are varying expectations and demands. Cooking at home for the family is very different to cooking for a commercial restaurant, let alone trying to be one of the top chefs to earn a Michelin Star.

    Some SERPs are like cooking for the family, and it really only has to be edible (no competition, nobody else is stepping forward). Some SERPs are like trying to be rated as one of the best diners in a small town (low competition). And some SERPs are like trying to become a world famous chef (high competition, thousands of others trying to earn the same accolades).

    You don`t rank on keywords based on just following a recipe or step by step guide that thousands of other people also creating content and competing for the exact same keywords are using. You rank by being a better chef and creating a result that is better than the basic recipe.

    Now, it sounds like you believe yourself to be competing in a low competitive space, given your assessment of the competition. But it is also clear from the way you throw tool numbers around as your sole argument, with not one mention of how you are better for users than the current results, that you are approaching this as a purely recipe based thing.

    Links alone are not the algorithm, and if what you are looking at is a local search result then you should be aware that Local search doesn`t use PageRank at all. There are many other measures of quality, and general signals that Google use - literally hundreds of them.

  • Brenda Malone: Ammon Johns, sending you a beer for that!

  • Shoaib Awan: Only backlinks doesn’t matter

    The quality of your content and number of articles and words on your website is also important

    What best you are offering to your users are also most important

    Website speed and what your competitors are doing and your are not doing also plays an important role in your website ranking

    Ranking will take time if your website is new and has very less authority

  • Jaroslaw Pidburskyj: Is it the Wix site?

  • Tyler Priest: Jaroslaw Pidburskyj yes

  • Roy Cohen: Get off Wix.

  • Jaroslaw Pidburskyj: Time is precious, I’ve never used but I’ve read shocking bad stories, move away. Your site is 327kb and mine is 61kb, which will load first?

    Google wants to see page loading incredibly fast, yours is sloooow.

    “Home | focus”, this is far superior - “Aerial Photography San Diego County - Tyler Priest”

    Nobody searches for “Home” when looking for something, and “focus” how does this help explain to Google for what you do. It doesn’t and when you move don’t talk about “yourself” but what you offer. Write content 82 words isn’t enough, write at least 600+ words and code it better to Google. Only use 1 x H1, you’ve use two.

  • Christine Hansen: So your pages are not indexed in Google at all? What does your Google Search Console say about your site?

  • Tyler Priest: Christine Hansen I just jumped on the search console, I’ll have to watch a tutorial later today bc I have no clue what it does. And what do you mean by indexed in google?

  • Christine Hansen: Tyler Priest In Google try write > site:yourdomain. com - if you see your pages in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), then your site has been indexed. If your site has been indexed, then your site also ranks in SERP on some keywords. In Google Search Console (GSC) you can see what keywords your visitors find your site on.

  • Michael Martinez: " I have many backlinks ... I paid a guy to do 50 citations"

    If whatever you`re doing doesn`t work, then try something else.

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