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When I can not use some keywords

Am working with a client and i have following challenge
they want to rank for keyword "personal loan in Jeddah" but due to brand guidelines
they cannot use word loan in their on-page SEO including URLS.
is there a strategy? which will help them to at least appear in page 1 for personal loan in Jeddah keyword.
We can use "loan" word in off-page.
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  • Ammon Johns: There are many well-known workarounds for this, including creating a page that explains the difference between what they are allowed to say and `loans`.

    Basically, this is the same issue that a lot of insurance providers in the UK would have, where legal guidelines insist they use the word `assurance` and not `insurance`.

  • Haasin Khann: Ammon Johns we using this strategy but this will be implemented after months.

    By adding some backlinks with keyword anchor tag would give it some boost ?

  • Ammon Johns: Haasin Khann or some harm, depending on the quality of the backlinks.

  • Haasin Khann: Ammon Johns will be working with reputable websites with mix of anchor tag.

  • Ammon Johns: Haasin Khann okay, `reputable` is one of the most misused words in link-building. A site is `reputable` when it doesn`t allow guest posts with link spam in.

    Sites like the BBC and The Guardian and the NY Times are `reputable` because their articles are all subjected to strict editorial guidelines. They accept advertising, but it is always strictly marked as such. THAT is what `reputable` means.

    If you had to build links to a product that isn`t very good, any site that accepted such links, outside of a review that was saying the product isn`t very good, that`s usually a sign that the site has little or no reputation.

    Reputation is nothing to do with domain authority or link metrics, but about whether or not people can `trick` links into the site, or buy them.

  • Haasin Khann: Ammon Johns yes I understand and they are big regional website the outgoing links are low - high majority of partners are big brands.

  • Haasin Khann: Ammon Johns thanks for such a detailed information appreciate it.

  • Ash Turki: Use credit

  • Haasin Khann: Ash Turki what`s that`s ?

  • Ash Turki: Haasin Khann another word for "loan"

  • David Gossage: Use synonyms for the onpage seo, then use the exact keyword in the anchor text of some internal links

  • Alex ALva: I just want to ask why they can`t use "loan"? Is that an industry thing or just a personal branding thing how was that decided?

  • Ata Ur Rehman: My vote goes for using synonyms, it`s easy! google just want the interest of the people and then they refer to the related website even if the exact word isn`t found.

    So, a few days ago I was watching a Google Adwords Campaign regarding Loans in the US. My major keyword was "loan", but in fact the searches I was getting traffic from, as I was interested in the broad match and phrase match, I got a lot of keywords helping me to bring traffic to my website by different company names, for example..

    Someone searching "Best Egg`, "Lenderpoint", "Toyota finance".. Etc.

    These keywords weren`t including the word "loan", but we cross-sell a lot.

    Hope you do the same as well.

  • Haasin Khann: Ata Ur Rehman thanks for such a detailed answer.

    The website already has synonym says personal finance, but my page is appearing third page of google search for "personal loan in Jeddah" keyword.

    So am looking for ways to correct it I think off-page backlinks strategy please do Share your thoughts.

  • Ata Ur Rehman: I have just checked your keyword, searches 10-100, difficulty not that much.. I do not see many people targetting this keyword. Anyways, as I have not gone through your site, I will suggest, if there`s anything you can do with on-page, do it first.

    Once you believe it`s done., give it a week, in my case, I will give it 4-5 days to see the organic change in the ranking.. Google is slow, unfortunately.. But, more, unfortunately, companies want results in nights.

    Anyways, if you do not see any change in ranking in 3-5 days, you may want to move toward building a few backlinks, .. give a few links, not so many.. just a few and see in a week, the changes..

    I do not rush, while doing SEO.

  • Ammon Johns: Ata Ur Rehman Google AdWords is completely different to SEO and organic search. Rather than standard ranking algorithms it just matches how much you pay against a quality score. Pay more per click and your position rises. Naturally, when you use broad match, they want you to pay for as many clicks as possible.

  • Ata Ur Rehman: Ammon Johns I agree, I am just trying to explain the concept for keywords to be used as synonyms.

  • Ammon Johns: Ata Ur Rehman then look at the organic search results for the keyword you were talking about, and find on what page of SERP you first find a result that does not have the keyword on the page.

    In fact, you can even try it on the specific search phrase the OP wants to rank for: "personal loan in Jeddah". Run that search and look at how not including the word `loan` or `loans` works in the specific context.

  • Haasin Khann: Ammon Johns very good idea

  • Richard Hearne: You might want to go back to the business and explain that if they really want to rank for personal loan then they need to use that term on their site. There are many great replies here, with good advice and strategies to work around this issue, but, at the end of the day, competing for the keyword loan is going to be exceptionally difficult if your client won`t include it on their pages.

  • Ammon Johns: Richard Hearne agreed. That said, having some ready suggestions, or better still, examples, of how their reputable competitors are handling it can greatly help that conversation with the client.

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