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It`s still showing even with noindex

Hi guys,
Can anybody explain to me why my product pages and others still show in Google, even after I have added noindex to all of them?
I have uploaded sitemap to Google Search Console and it seems to be all ok there, but still - whenever I put my website domain in Google those other links show up.
It has been a week since I did it by now, and last read of my sitemap in Search Console shows as of today (4.08).
I will appreciate any help I could get from you!
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  • Brenda Malone: It takes some time for Google to pull pages out of the index. A week is not enough. Is your robots.txt blocking the page? Remember that Google has to be able to crawl the page to read the `noindex` tag.

  • Mateusz Rokuszewski: Well I would love to answer, but at this point I do not really know what you mean by "is your robots.txt blocking the page". Could you please explain?

  • Brenda Malone: What is your URL?Typically, your robots file is located at


  • Mateusz Rokuszewski: link to my website is: http://domeknarzedziowy.pl/robots.txt


  • Brenda Malone: Mateusz Rokuszewski Thanks, no you are not blocking any specific pages, what is a page you do not want indexed?

  • Brenda Malone: You have the correct noindex tags. It is probably going to take Google some time before they are out of the index.

    site: is not the most accurate, but it does show that you have at least 27 URLs indexed.

  • Mateusz Rokuszewski: Brenda Malone Well, 27 URLs is much more than I have indexed now. Currently It should be just 5 URLs: landing page, 3 product category pages and 1 blog. How long does it usually take Google to remove the rest of the URLs from index?

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