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Why would that AdWords Keyword Planner average monthly searches fluctuate based on user?

Hey, all! Anybody an expert in using the AdWords Keyword Planner? We`ve been using it for keyword research to help us optimize our new web content (using the "Keyword ideas" tab). Recently, one of my colleagues logged in on her personal account to do some research, then logged in on our company account and did some overlapping research. She noticed different "avg. monthly searches" numbers for the same phrases on different accounts. Has anybody else noticed the same? Why would that number fluctuate based on user?

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  • Brent Wildman: Make sure the Targeting filter "Location" is the same for both accounts. If you don't mind, could you share one of the keywords you found the discrepancy on? I am curious what numbers it would pull up on my account as well.
  • Lindsey Siegele: Thank you! That's exactly what the problem was: On one account she was searching in just the U.S., and on the other, she was searching globally. When the settings are identical, the numbers are, too. (We felt pretty silly when we didn't catch this ourselves.)
  • Gareth Lisle: Also don't forget that filters that you set are remembered by the tool...so next time you do keyword research for another client don't forget to reset your filters.
  • Brent Wildman:  ;Glad to be of help!
  • Leon Bailey: Honestly, it is about the same as the old version of it, just takes some used to as far as navigating through it. Glad you got the help you needed!

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