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Is social SEO the future of SEO?

Is social SEO the future of SEO?
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  • Martino Mosna: I'll keep it simple.

    Social SEO = useless buzzword
  • Simon Fryer: +Martino Mosna I wish I could give you a +100 for that reply.
  • Results SEO: That means social signals are not worth for SERP?
  • Martino Mosna: oh, dear.
  • Justin Y: SEO is SEO my friend. 
  • Simon Fryer: To sum up for you +albert mora ;. There is no such thing as social SEO. Social signals MAY have an impact on rankings, but at the moment it's very hard to determine the causation (whether they have high rankings because of social signals, or they have high social signals because of rankings). Studies show a correlation between the two, but that is all. ;

    Good social signals will help your SEO, but despite what the people jumping on the Social SO bandwagon are telling everyone, the same old tactics (links, for example) are still the bread and butter of SEO, and will be for some time. ;

    You should only engage in Social media if you legitimately want to engage with people and build an audience, not because you believe that posting all your blogs in every community on every social platform will help your rankings - that's just spamming, something you'll see a lot on Google+ now. ;

    Hope this clears things up for you. ;

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