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Kemal has a question about how to put META Description on his pages

Hello out there,
I have a Wordpress blog, and I want to put some META description on the site in order to have it shown when the site appears in Google and the other search engines. But no matter what I do, it is always the first part of the last post in the blog that is shown. Anyone who nows if and how I can put a META description on my website? Thanks in advance.
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions Facebook & G+ community.

  • Yasser Mohamed: You could use a plug in like Yoast SEO for Wordpress, it will help you optimise your pages and add metas.
  • Kemal Sahin: Thanks a lot Yasser. I just installed the plugin, but the changes have not yet been updated when I search for my blog in Google. Is it because some time has to go before Google crawles the page and find the new description, or should it be updated instantly?
  • Yasser Mohamed: Yes it may take a couple of days for the changes to appear. Glad to help.
  • Kemal Sahin: Okay, I will wait a couple of days and see if the change appears. Thanks again Yasser. Your help is much appreiciated!
  • Yasser Mohamed: Your are welcome +Kemal Sahin ;
  • Nick Stuart-Miller: I agree, Yoast SEO is a great plug in for Wordpress sites. Usually you have to log in and out for the changes to apply. Give that a go, otherwise wait a couple of days.
  • Ray Laminack: Either way Google will utilize what they feel is the best for the searcher, whether it is your description or a snippet of content from somewhere in your content. ;
  • Ranu Jain: Yeah, Yoast is a great plugin but I use All in One SEO. Worth using!
  • Omar Mossadek: You can check the meta by using Google's rich snippet testing tool and use a meta noodp and noydir tag to tell the search engines that you prefer to have your descriptions displayed as they are written.
  • Results SEO: Some times it depends on Wordpress templates.

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