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Anyone knows a tool that identifies bad websites without looking at it manually?

Hello all  I have a curious question. 

I have access to Link Detox and it`s great for checking links, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows a tool that identifies bad websites without looking at it manually?

Thanks :) ?

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  • Justin Y: You&#39;re probably better off looking at them manually instead of relying on a tool to do the job if one even exists. <br />This is how to learn what&#39;s good and what&#39;s bad. Personally I use GWT and Moz to sift through sites linking to mine. 
  • Caye Canlas:  ;Thanks :) Yeah I have been doing it manually. Me and my seatmate  ;were just curious to find out of such a tool existed :)
  • Jay Manangan: what&#39;s up
  • Justin Y: np, it&#39;s time consuming but it pays off in the end. I believe specializes in this line of work, he might be able to tell you in the next hangout or maybe Dave. 
  • Dave Elliott: opensiteexplorer (moz)/ahrefs/whatever and excel is your friend. Just  ;create a filter for stuff with a page authority of less than x.(i tend to go with one tab of 20 one of 10 but i made these up entirely) these tend to be the bad ones. I also chuck all of the ones with a PA of over 50 into a separate tab as good links and people i should bother out reaching to in the future.<br /><br />You can be clever and make this all automatic or just run the filters and then throw them into separate tabs. I have yet to be clever.(although excel 2003 really doesn&#39;t help!)<br /><br />This has some useful resources ;
  • Caye Canlas:  ;thanks for that! I can already visualize the excel part of it. :)
  • Rob Wagner: I agree with  ;better to do this manually Caye. I would start with anchor text first then look at what type of links they are. Look for comments on blogs and forums and site wide links. ;<br /><br />I looked at link detox a few months ago. I was not confident with the way they evaluated the links. ;<br /><br />You really have to take time and look at everything.<br /><br /> ; ;excel 2003, that is funny. A decade old and still works :). I still have and use  ;2003 on one of my laptops. ;
  • Dave Elliott: I get 2013 in a week. :) exciting times. I might be able to actually do stuff now!
  • Rob Wagner: That should be fun. Keep us posted. ;
  • Sarvesh Bagla: We&#39;ve done over 20 link cleanup jobs since 22nd may. We tried LRTs link detox tool early on but felt the manual process is much better. Time consuming but worth the effort. We ended up getting manual penalty for partial links on at least 3 of those. It really helped to have all the data in excel as we could share it with Google when submitting the reconsideration request. And now we&#39;ve got our own little database of bad domains that we can check against when the next project comes along.
  • Brian Smith: Manual all the way. My biz partner and I checked out link detox against ose and majestic and it missed a lot of nefarious stuff while calling out stuff that really wasn&#39;t all that terrible.
  • Caye Canlas: Thank for all your answers :) ;

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