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Question about Yoast Wordpress plug in for authorship

I installed authorship on my word press site using Yoast.  Now I am wondering how I remove it from certain pages on my site and keep it on others like my Blog posts. Does anyone have an easy solution as I am not very technical (hence the reason I used the Yoast plug in for authorship!). At the moment I have applied a "bandaid" solution by replacing my name in the authorship field with that of my office manager, as she does not have an authorship setup  on the site - is this a solution?

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  • Justin Y: I prefer using a custom snippet in the header.php or footer.php. You can also add the footer.php snippet to the single.php if you prefer it.<br /><br />Footer.php:<br />&lt;?php if(is_single() ) { ?&gt;<br />&lt;a href=&quot;author link here?rel=author&quot;&gt;&lt;/a&gt;<br />&lt;?php } ;?&gt;<br /><br />or <br /><br />Header.php in the head tag:<br />&lt;?php if(is_single() ) { ?&gt;<br />&lt;link href=&quot;author link here&quot; rel=&quot;author&quot;&gt;<br />&lt;?php } ;?&gt;<br /><br />
  • Justin Y: For the publisher tag you can use Yoast or add the following to your header.php to work globally. <br />Just add &lt;link href=&quot;google page link&quot; rel=&quot;publisher&quot;&gt; 
  • Yasser Mohamed: Thanks but I am not sure how to do this - told you I am not very technical! Do you mean I just need to add this code to my header and that will take care of establishing authorship only on my blog an not on the rest of my website? Sorry I am a bit confused - it happens a lot!
  • Justin Y: Yep that&#39;s all. You just need paste in your author url where I noted and then paste the snippet in your theme file. The easiest for you would probably the header.php snippet 
  • Yasser Mohamed: Thanks much appreciated!
  • Justin Y: Np, glad I could help.

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