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Krishna needs help finding out why his website impression is acting weird

HI SEO professionals. . I have a small doubt please clarify.  I am dealing with few travel sites, from past 2 weeks, i am observing the impression for sites is getting down day by day, i got high impression one day and form next day i am getting down, after two or week days later there will be change in impression. The process is repeated every time.  I am just confused why it was happening. Is there any special reason happening like that. IF yes, what are the best ways to get out of it, The site are new sites.

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  • Simon Fryer: Hey there. Just a couple of points which might help you.<br /><br />Impressions will always vary. The same way a business won&#39;t sell exactly the same amount of products day on day. ;<br /><br />There are 2 factors which impact impressions; search rankings and the number of searches being performed (demand). Demand will fluctuate depending on the day of the week, or the season, so it&#39;s important to bear this in mind. ;<br /><br />Try to see patterns of demand so that that when you&#39;re impressions drop you know it matches your usual trend.<br /><br />Monitor your rankings. If they don&#39;t drop, but your impressions do, this suggests it&#39;s due to demand fluctuation. ;<br /><br />Also bear in mind that Penguin is now an algorithmic update, so if you&#39;re seeing a steady pattern of decline (looks like attrition) there&#39;s a chance that it could be an algo issue. ;<br /><br />Hope this helps! ;
  • Ranu Jain: I agree with Simon here. ;<br /><br />The very first thing I would suggest here is to check rankings of your targeted keywords. There are chances that your targeted keywords might have lost the rankings. ;
  • Krishna eTravelSmart: thanks  ;
  • Simon Fryer: No problem let me know if you need any more pointers.

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