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Why my blog is not getting traffic?

Why my blog is not getting traffic? I am updating and blogging from last 1 year. Is there any SEO expert who can guide me here is the link,


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  • Michael Martinez: Well, you can get rid of the label cloud in your site`s footer. That isn`t helping anything. In fact, Google doesn`t like Blogger label pages. So your internal navigation isn`t being followed. Blogger sites need to use Pages for categories and you need to embed your posts on those pages via widgets (ON EDIT: Actually, just copy and paste them from the blog posts page). It`s possible to get a very large, robust Blogger site fully indexed but it doesn`t work the same way a WordPress site does. So you can`t follow the usual "how to get your blog indexed" advice.
  • Shashi Kumar: Thanks for reply and what should i do now can you guide me
  • Michael Martinez: How many posts are on your site?
  • Shashi Kumar: 176 Posts are now
  • Michael Martinez:
    That`s a lot.

    I haven`t worked with a self-hosted Blogger site in years but I think you can do a few unconventional things.

    FIRST, I would fix the XML sitemap. Not sure why it`s empty but it`s not displaying anything for me.

    SECOND, you could try modifying the "robots.txt" file to remove the "Disallow: /search/" line. That`s a violation of Google`s guidelines, technically, but Blogspot uses labels as categories and tags. You`re not indexed so you may have nothing to lose. Or you could choose option three below:

    THIRD, you could replace the labels in your main menu navigation with pages. Now here is where the hard work begins.

    On each page you would have to copy and paste the appropriate listings from your label pages. This would create crawlable, indexable category-like pages. But you`ll have to manually update them every time you publish a new post.

    FOURTH, create an HTML sitemap page and include it in your main navigation or in your sidebar or in your footer. List the most recent 50-75 articles on this page. Make them linked titles to the articles.

    Create secondary HTML sitemap pages so you can include all the articles. Then interlink the 2-3 HTML sitemap pages with each other so they help each other get crawled.

    FIFTH, if you can upload a .TXT sitemap file to your site, add one. All you do is list the URLs in the file (1 per line). Make sure there is a carriage return after the last URL (a blank line at the end of the file). Then add that .TXT sitemap to your "robots.txt" and submit it to Bing and Google (or whatever search engines you want to use). Most if not all the major search engines accept .TXT sitemap files.

    It is okay to submit more than one sitemap.

    I can`t promise this will do anything for you but it`s worked for me when I`ve helped people improve their Blogger indexing.

    Good luck.
  • Shashi Kumar: Thanks for your Reply

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