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Buying a direct competitor website

Question regarding acquisition of competitor website.

We are thinking about buying a direct competitor website (travel deals). They rank high on a lot of interesting keywords and have a lot of content.

How can we "take over" their high rankings in Google? Can we just 301 redirect all content and keep the same ranking?

Or is there another way?

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  • Tim Capper: Redirecting a great page from domain A - to a shit page on Domain B - will not make the shit page rank any better.

    I would not be looking at buying a site that works well just to redirect it.

    I would be thinking about getting access to the data - how did they rank and can I replicate on other site.

    Use the site to upsell on your other site.

    A business decision should not be made on removing a great site from search to redirect to a mediocre site in search.
  • Michael Martinez: I agree with but on the assumption that the business decision is made to buy the competitive site, then move its content to your site. Redirect the old URLs to the new URLs. That is, in my opinion, a sub-optimal choice but if your company decides to buy the competitor that is preferable to redirecting their URLs to your existing content.
  • Andrew Simpson: Take over the site and brand it as your own perhaps?
  • Richard Hearne: You could also acquire the site, rebrand it (or not - up to business), and then offer your inventory via their pages. Effectively you`d get to keep their rankings position and possibly take up more of your competitive SERPs.

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