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Getting high quality backlinks

Question regarding backlinks, I`m relatively new to SEO but which type of backlinks carry the most weight in rankings. I`ve been hearing that links from directories are not very good. Has anyone used websites like HARO to get backlinks or published articles in blogs and gotten high quality backlinks? I was also wondering if backlinks from forums like reddit can help with rankings as well.
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  • Justin Mager: It`s all about the link SEO the higher the quality the website the link the higher ranking the backlink will bring. Now this is not on a singular bases were talking thousands when you truely are being effective.
  • Allan Khazak: thank you, do links from social media accounts count as well?
  • Paul Thompson: Pretty simple formual as rule of thumb...

    Any backlink you can create entirely yourself is going to have very little to no value at all for SEO purpoes.

    The harder a link is to earn, the more value it is likely to carry.

    Which makes total sense from a search engine`s point of view. Links are able to pass authority when they are an independent vote or endorsement of your contrent. When that`s just a matter of you endorsing yourself, it`s not going to carry any weight with the search engine. And the SEs have gotten very good at identifying and ignoring those self-made, manipulative links.
  • Allan Khazak: thank you for details, very helpful, do things like infographics work or republishing old articles or are search engines catching on to that as well?
  • Michael Martinez: You have no way of knowing which links count the most. The search engines refuse to disclose which links they value the most and any SEO tool that assigns any kind of value is doing so in the dark without any insight into what the search engines are doing. While links are important to search engine optimization, the more you focus on artificially inflating your backlink profile the more likely you`ll find your site suffering for that behavior in the future.
  • Allan Khazak: thanks for the response, do you know if local SEO is different than Organic SEO?
  • Michael Martinez: People just use "organic" to mean "we`re not paying for a listing". so local SEO tends to fall into that category, although it depends on the search service being discussed.
  • Allan Khazak: thank you my service is tutoring, any insight on this area?

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