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Hosting multiple websites on one server

Is there a SEO problem then hosting multiple websites on one web server?
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  • Andreas Arnt Tinglev Olsen: Found this article from ´14 Is it really necessary to change in .htacces?
  • George G.: it depends on the host and how they manage the addon domains. the example in the article is cpanel and cpanel hadles the addon domains well. most vps hostings too. but its an individual thing on your host, so ask them.
  • Andreas Arnt Tinglev Olsen: Thanks for the quick reply.
  • Michael Martinez: A lot of things have changed in the past 5 years. Most hosting platforms now manage addon domains better than they used to.
  • Michael Martinez: We host well over 100 Websites on one server. No SEO problems whatsoever.
  • Andreas Arnt Tinglev Olsen: Hello . Thanks for your addition to the topic It makes sense and great to hear that it is possible with 100 domains on a server. Have a question more for you. Are you not afraid that a malicious code can damage all the pages when they host the same server? I can imagine that it is difficult to troubleshoot a problem that can come from 100 potential websites. The same goes for speed, will a slow side pull all other pages` speed down?
  • Michael Martinez: We use modern server software, which has protections built in. We also enact measures to protect the individual Websites from hacking. And I`m constantly tinkering in the server. While no security system is perfect we haven`t had any incidents. I`m not saying we can`t be hacked but we don`t discuss the specific security arrangements we use. Suffice to say, though, we`ve locked a lot of doors and windows in our house.
  • Michael Martinez: Andreas Arnt Tinglev Olsen As for site speed - once in a while the server comes under attack. It`s gone down for as long as an hour but for the most part it handles unusual activity very gracefully. It`s a mid-grade server. And we also design our sites to be very lean and fast. ON EDIT: The server has been using about 1/12 of its "full" (not overloaded) capacity for most of the past 2 years. We have breathing room on a typical day.
  • Andreas Arnt Tinglev Olsen: I appreciate your sharing your experience. What I was looking for was whether it would make sense for me to have many small web hotels or change to a large one. I hear you say that it is possible to have a comprehensive solution as long as one takes its safety measures. And that was the answer I was looking for Thank you!

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