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Where are the Google Penalties?

Dumb, we are to follow rules of Google perhaps! See the page with link https://sites.google. com/site/ tigerzindahai download700mb/

This a google site with the overstuffed phrase "Tiger Zinda Hai" a movie in hindi. Why is it on TOP? Where are rules and algorithms of Google?

the targeted phrase in Link, Title, Headings, every line in the body, video name everywhere...

And it is at least 6 months old page and IT IS ALIVE and flourishing...

Where are the Google Penalties?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Ryan Jones: pretty much all of the sites showing up there are spam. Minus that youtube link but I`m pretty sure either that`s not the full movie, or if it is it will be pulled down quickly.
  • Toka Janelidze: I see Google spammy sites are ranking for movie download keywords
  • Tom Gooden: Stop listening to Google.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Is this question for real? Are you asking why one illegal copy of a movie is ranking better than another illegal copy of a movie? In order to file a DMCA complaint, it must come from the owner of the copyright. I can`t just go file a complaint. What Google is doing here is making it easy for the copyright owner. They`re saying, "Not only is this guy stealing your product like all the rest, but he`s the spammiest of them all - file this one first."
  • Ronnie Lawson-Jones: I don’t know what you were expecting in such a shitty niche
  • Brett White: This is legitimately one of, if not the worst examples I`ve seen someone use for the whole "Don`t listen to Google", yeah mate, we get it, Google talks shit, but your example is fucking garbage.
  • Brett White: Some shit Hindi movie lmfao. I`m sure Google is working overtime to conjure a fuck to give. Like most people in this thread.
  • Neeraj Kumar: Sir, I don`t care care if the site is legitimate or the movie is shitty. My concern is why Google is letting this site rank. If Google with all the weapons and the creatures cannot curb this, then the whole system is effective for nothing.
  • Neeraj Kumar: Isn`t there a whole spam filtering department who is headed by some crazy spam-hater?
  • Dawn Anderson: If it’s genuine spam just put in a feedback
  • Tanmoy Das: Is this true for other movies? I think this is just a blip! You can run an experiment! with other popular movies & then only we can infer whether Google is biased or not to Hindi movies :)

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