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What’s the best way to figure out what your customers are searching for when it comes to a specific product?

(Sorry this is so long) I just had my magento ecommerce website revamped and I’m working on creating blog content and rewriting 6k product descriptions. This all seems overwhelming to tackle and I have a lot of questions:

1. What’s the best way to figure out what your customers are searching for when it comes to a specific product? (Example: candy coatings vs candy melts vs confectionery coatings). Can I use all these keywords or should I pick and stick to one?

2. Can I use the same description and meta description across multiple products that are the same but have different colors and just change the color name across the descriptions? For example pink candy coatings and blue candy coatings both have the same description except one says pink and one says blue.

3. Should I be including my keyword at the beginning of product descriptions and meta descriptions?(does it have to be the first word?)

4. When I search for this product on google my blog page with directions to melt candy coatings comes up first page on google but my product category page does not. What’s the best way to utilize this?

5. Any tips on writing meta descriptions? Should price be included? How do I decide on whats the best info to include? Thank you!

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  • Wissam Dandan: 1- search for these 3 terms if the search results are the same then google understands the relationship between these 3 if not then you check google adwords keywords planner and make the keyword that have the highest volume as the main focus keywords and u might want to include the other keywords in the description of the category 2-seems u created multiple product from “one product” and should be one product with multiple attribute (colors) 3-meta desc is not a ranking factor but think of it as more of an ad copy that u entice the user to click on ur search listing 4- well you have to know when u searching for your keyword are all the results are informational ? If yes then you need to research what are the keywords that have a transactional intent and optimize the category based on that and if it is a transactional query then google doesn’t have enough signals and information to rank that page for that query ( ps sorry answered using my phone )
  • Ashley Brenenstuhl: Thanks Wissam. Great info. As far as creating one product listing and adding multiple colors, that doesn’t work for all of our products with our customer base. It would work for something like cake pans with size but colored candy coatings need to be all their own product listing. I haven’t figured out a way to display multiple colored candy coatings as one product listing and not confuse our customers.
  • Michael Martinez: You do NOT have to rewrite everything at once. I usually suggest my clients either start with their most profitable item listings OR the items that could/should be making a lot of profit but are not performing well. The products you most likely don`t need to focus on are the ones that don`t have much potential for profit. They have small prices, there is a lot of competition for them, and your markup isn`t ever going to generate enough profit to justify a massive SEO effort.
  • Dave Elliott: For a start meta-descriptions are not a ranking factor at all ever. So Google has no rules other than length....it will rewrite stuff almost at random if it thinks it can do a better job though and it obviously effects ctr. 6k may seem daunting but prioritise and you`ll be fine. Which of the products rank? Which have links pointing at them? Which gain the most revenue(all channels)? And yeah in terms of the first questions chuck them through AdWords keyword planer (or something like keywords everywhere if you don`t have an active account) and see what it groups together or what the volumes are and work which keyword is the most searched.
  • Dash Tanmoy: You have to plug in the products in the Google Keyword Planner or Moz Explorer & select the keywords with "High Volume" but "Low/Medium" competition. As per Meta Description & Product Description goes you have to integrate your keywords seamlessly within them & it`s not mandatory to begin your descriptions with the keywords. The descriptions should look natural without any keyword stuffing. Try to write an attractive Meta Description to increase your CTR!

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