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Spammy Links

Hi to everybody. I made a YouTube video with a link to my web in the description . The video has been shared by many garbage sites , by garbage sites I mean automated sites that randomly copy YouTube videos in their own sites.

And because the link of my page is on the description of my video , Google search console says me that I have around 100 sites pointing at my website.

I`d like to know if those links are good or are considered spam? Lately I`ve been going down some positions and I wonder if that could be the cause. Should I disavow all those links or they still benefit my site? They are natural links after all

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  • Alan Bleiweiss: They aren`t natural if those are scraper sites. Though if they are scraper sites, Google probably doesn`t give any value to them and probably ignores them. The only way to be sure is to disavow and see what happens.
  • Josu Sánchez Arnalda: What if I disavow them and I go down even more? Can a disavow be reversed ?
  • Michael Martinez: If you have no control over placement of the links AND if Google has not issued you any warnings about the links or taken a manual action against your site, they are NOT "bad". They won`t hurt your site. There are billions of these kinds of links out there across the Web. You don`t need to disavow them or worry about them. Google has known about them for years.

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