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I`m not sure how to fix a canonical issue

RE: Canonicals

I`m not sure how to fix a canonical issue

mywebsite dotcom (original URL)

mywebsite dotcom/ (canonical)

I did a software audit and it says the canonical should be changed to match my original website URL. How do I get rid of the forward slash?

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  • Shelly Fagin: The forward slash is typically added by the server. If you are running on an Apache server you can typically over ride this with an htaccess rewrite. You’ll need to make sure the trailing slash URLs 301 to no-slash version and that your canonicals are with no-slash too.
  • Dawn Anderson: John Mu did a recent piece on this once (regarding the forward slash at the end of the home page. This is essentially part of universal / global canonicalisation so won`t matter (they are both treated the same). It only matters at file or folder level. It`s just the way servers work

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