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Curious how others approach Services pages

Hello. Curious how others approach Services pages (Parent Page). Please see the scenario below (high-level).




>>Service 1

>>Service 2

>>Service 3

Home Page: Below the fold, all services (3) have a sentence or two, along with a graphic/icon and a button that links to the service child page.

Services Page: Currently "empty". Navigation lists the page but it`s a dead link ("#").

Service 1 Page: Landing page for the service and off we go.

We often see this scenario where the Services parent page is just there and there is a struggle to find valuable content, that hasn`t already been mentioned on the Home page and more importantly...the service`s landing page.

Do you all at least put something on the Services parent page? Or, do you approach it like I`m often approaching it, having Services as a dead link and simply being used for NAV purposes. Thank you!

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  • Yuliana Kronrod: I always try to come up with an overarching theme to describe the services as a category - often a much lower search volume term but still highly relevant for those few who land on the page from organic. Plus include a value prop for the company. In short, may not be an impactful SEO page yet valuable from user experience perspective helping understand your offering and easily navigate the site.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Agreed - the "Services" index page can be critical for SEO too - especially if the search term happens to be one where Mr. RankBrain can say, "I know he`s looking for one of the services this site offers, but I`m not sure which one." - WIth no "services" page, the choice is to send the searcher to the home page where they have to go down below the fold to find it, or flip a coin and send them to one of the services pages which may not be the one they were looking for. With the services page - Google has a better option. They can send them to a page that it knows features the general scope of what the searcher wants, and that will present them with limited options to sift through - one of which it is confident will take them to what they were searching for.

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