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What’s everyone’s thoughts on a traffic bots?

What’s everyone’s thoughts on a traffic bots ? Are they worth while and does anyone recommend a good one ?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Anoop Kanyan: Why do you need one? Traffic bots do more harm than good.
  • Mark Johnstone: Because I’ve been doing Seo on my site for over a year and not having much difference on ranking trying lots of different SEO techniques....
  • Anoop Kanyan: Then you have to change your SEO strategy. Bots won`t bring you any sales or affiliate income. Rather, you might get banned by your ad affiliates such as AdSense. Your bounce rate will increase, and page on time will decrease. It will further kill your SEO.
  • Mark Johnstone: I’m just wanting to try something different, I’ve tried everything I know
  • Anoop Kanyan: Mark Johnstone share your website with me in inbox, I will take a look.
  • Jim Munro: Post your url here if you wish, Mark Johnstone, you don`t have to. Please don`t ask for PMs Anoop Kanyan. Please read our customs in the ABOUT description of our group.
  • Anoop Kanyan: Jim Munro I thought it wouldn`t be nice to ask for his URL here. I wasn`t selling any services. Will take care from the next time though.
  • Jim Munro: Other readers will be interested, Anoop Kanyan. It`s OK but we want to keep everything front and centre.
  • Michael Martinez: I don`t know of any good use for a traffic bot (other than to stress-test a server). It`s an unethical practice.
  • Tim Capper: No mark, back away from the bot
  • Mark Johnstone: Ok sounds like a bad idea, thanks everyone

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