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Differences between 2018 SEO and 2017 SEO strategies?

Differences between 2018 SEO and 2017 SEO strategies?

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  • Travis Bailey: There`s not really a massive difference.
  • Tom Livingstone: Attachment urls
  • Christopher Fleming: Glenn Cooper yoast error lol
  • Dave Elliott: Mobile first is no longer a myth. That`s about it.
  • Wizz Mate: Best X Reviews (2018)...lol.
  • Bonnie Burns: Mobile. AMP. Google ability to understand meaning of content so write to the customer/client. Local optimization.
  • Perry Bernard: Weren`t those all 2015?
  • Moe Rubenzahl: I think the question aims us in the wrong direction. The constant pursuit of what`s new, chasing algorithms and lore about what Google is thinking are the damaging elements in SEO practice. SEO is about strategy, about learning the strategy of the client`s business and building content and SEO to feed it.
  • Glenn Cooper: And what if you`ve already cracked SEO in 2017 and just looking to see what`s changed?
  • Moe Rubenzahl: I don`t mean to pick on you, and the question is valid; just that I think we overemphasize the technical factors.
  • Glenn Cooper: SEO is technical whether you like it or not. It translates from what html your server spits out to how Google views it. I honestly can`t think of anything more technical
  • Jobin John: 1. Voice search 2. A.I. 3. Guest Posting took a slight hit as well.
  • Denys Dubner: Better tools, mobile, interlinking, relevance, user experience, much more competition and more useless claims that SEO is dead 😁
  • Ammon Johns: Several months. :D
  • Joe Kizlauskas: More and more emphasis on quality.
  • Glenn Cooper: We kinda knew that already. If your site isn`t quality, it doesn`t deserve to be ranked
  • Joe Kizlauskas: Glenn Cooper it`s not just the quality from a content and links perspective.Technical quality is now as important as ever. Fast sites, no crap pages in the index, making sure Google can crawl as much of your site in as fast a time as possible.
  • Glenn Cooper: That Still sounds 2017 to me
  • Chris Sutch: Well you could always swap the titles of your videos hoping no one will notice they was published in 2016 and talk about 2017 all through the video. Not like I watched it to the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp-FFMcZGwg

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