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How to block website external links?

How to block website external links.??
disawave method is not working for block links. suggested any other method.

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  • Jim Munro: You can change the url of the page being linked to. That will 404 the link and it will not be able to impact your site. Why do you want to do this? Are you concerned about Negative SEO?
  • Tanzeel Nawaz: i want to block glass-door review URL from google .
  • Jim Munro: I`m not familiar with "glass-door review". Someone else will answer this for you.
  • Dave Elliott: How do you mean? Do you mean block the actual glass door site from appearing in the serp(it`s a business review site allowing employees and ex employees to review thier time thier jim)? If so not possible. Or do you mean something else?
  • Tanzeel Nawaz: No! i want only hide or remove my website review link in google site links .
  • Rebecca Lehmann: If someone is lying about your company, ask former employees to rate you to balance it out. However, if someone left you a Glassdoor review that you don`t like and your first reaction is "how do I hide this from people" then you might have bigger problems than a backlink and maybe you should fix them.

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