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Is the SEO in danger with the Net Neutrality ending?

Is the SEO in danger with the Net Neutrality ending? I read an article about this it become true!

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  • Edgard Burgueño Ochoa: https://thenextweb.com/.../rip-net-neutrality-ajit-pais.../
  • Dave Elliott: no, seo is already dead
  • Michael Martinez: Net Neutrality did not end. They simply rolled back the 2015 rules to reimpose the 2010 rules. It`s a pity they didn`t follow the original Net Neutrality proposal to begin with, but that`s all moot now anyway. Today`s Internet is very different from the one ruined by gamers hogging all the bandwidth 16 years ago. http://www.timwu.org/OriginalNNProposal.pdf
  • Michael Martinez: I should have mentioned that the "No blocking" 2010 provision was struck down by a court. All of the major ISPs have pledged NOT to block any legal content under the 2010 rules. A lot has changed in the last 8 years, though, and they have much more robust networks than they used to. All concerns about "Net Neutrality" at this point are largely propaganda used to benefit Silicon Valley companies (in MY opinion - which no one else seems to share).
  • Francois-Pierre Marcil: For now, who knows. For SEO to change in substance, Google would have to be placed in a situation where page speed is being severely degraded by prioritization procedures (or access limitations). Somehow I don`t see it. There is too much bandwidth in the market, and it will go up another 30x-40x with the deployment of 5g. 10 years ago would have been dramatic, now maybe we won`t feel a thing.

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