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Canonical on site search

My client has an ecommerce site. I try to fix canonical among other things. I discovered google index the urls that came from searches performed inside the site. Should I put canonical pointing to homepage for every url that is produced after someone performs a search for a product or brand on site? is this the correct practice?

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  • Dave Elliott: no, really bad idea! what do the search urls look like? If there is a parameter or a search folder simply disallow the parameter/folder in robots.txt.
  • Makis Cris: Dave Elliott they have the ?query parameter inside.
  • Dave Elliott: so just add:Disallow: *?query=to your robots.txt file....presuming the query parameter is only used for internal searches.
  • Jason Mun: What Dave said. If they are already in the index, be sure to NOINDEX them first and set the URL parameters settings in GSC to No URLs

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