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Capital letters search query

Hello All,
My client is facing site:www issue in google.co.uk
When I type search query site:www.blinds4uk.co.uk in Google SERP`s, the home page is not appearing. but with capital letters search query - SITE:WWW.BLINDS4UK.CO.UK Google showing the home page.

Please let me know that why it`s happening and what is the solution.

Note: I already checked crawling, indexing, robots.txt and sitemap.xml - Everything is ok and working well.
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  • Ani Lee: site:www.blinds4uk.co.uk is the right command and you can see on searching SITE:WWW.BLINDS4UK.CO.UK your back links are coming
  • Nu Nu Tiểu: Full tường nhé @u TranslateShow original text
  • Lyndon NA: Personally, I wouldn`t worry.When you do a BrandName or DomainName search, the site shows and the listed page is the homepage (Last cached : 16 Jun 2018 04:12:58 GMT).But as that isn`t likely to pacify you ... can we have a little more information please?1) I see https - when did the TSL get setup?2) I see 301 redirects from non-https to https - when did that get setup?3) I see 301 redirects from non-www to www - when did that get setup?4) Any recent changes to things like Canonical Link Elements, removal (redirect from) /index.php etc.?5) How long has the homepage been missing from the site search?Hmmm - archive.org is having an issue - the few snapshots it has for 2018 all show pre-christmas 2017.That said - there was no https redirect at that point?I`m seeing a bunch of PDFs that as yet haven`t been picked up as https ... so I assume that the move to TSL was only within the last month?/service is garbaged - you have a ton of html in the head section

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