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How to rank for multiple keywords for same url?

How to rank for multiple keywords for same url?

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: Same as any other way - write good content that accurately and clearly describes the subject you are talking about. If you do that, the keywords (or known variations of them) will automatically appear in the content. Once you have the content done, give the page a title that properly describes what the page is about and you`re off to the races. For organic SEO, you don`t "really" think in terms of keywords anymore. Sure, they are still handy to look up to find which subjects are getting lots of search volume, but in reality that`s about where it stops. Use the words, of course, but also explain the concepts and discuss the topic thoroughly. If you`ve done that properly, it`ll rank for a lot of things - including things where the exact word that people search for may not even appear on the page at all.
  • Nathan Veenstra: https://ahrefs.com/blog/also-rank-for-study/

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