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What we need to do to regain good ranking?

If a site is in good ranking in google search engine and suddenly drop ranking .What would be the reason and what we need to do to regain good ranking?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Jim Munro: Check Google Search Console first to make sure there are no manual penalties listed.
  • Sweta Siddu: Ok , if there is no penalities then what next i need to do.
  • Jim Munro: Carry out a "site:yoursite" search to see if your pages are still indexed?
  • Sweta Siddu: Jim Munro ok thanks
  • Jim Munro: Which tool is reporting that you are no longer ranking? You can share your url here. You don`t have to but it will make it easier to find issues.
  • Raju Ginne: Low quality thin content (if content is not expertise poorly written by freelancer, ) Google not send manually action message even if penalized, for some sites.I got penalized on 12 April . 27 out of 29, but other sites traffic dropped 90% , . Not got any message on those.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: There are hundreds of possible reasons why a site might lose rankings, because there are hundreds of factors that go into rankings. And they are not all factors confined to your own site. Most are, and that is where understanding the full spectrum of SEO is required to figure it out unless it turns out to be something very obvious (like having a robots.txt file that changed to disallow Google). Some though, involve other sites and changes in the niche topical group that site exists within. So start with Jim`s suggestions and question in the comments, then go from there.
  • Travis Bailey: Whatever you did to begin with, stop doing that. Disavow pretty much all the links. Start doing what you should have done to begin with.
  • Michael Martinez: I think immediate link disavowal is a bit drastic unless you know you were using aggressive link acquisition techniques. Google recently confirmed that most of their algorithmic changes are intended to improve relevance in the search results. So unless you WERE violating search engine guidelines you may just be seeing the results of a new relevance determination. That`s not something people can reverse engineer very easily. Also, these things can be adjusted over time.

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