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What is the best way to get rid of the GMB page?

Hy guys,
What is the best way to get rid of the GMB page? I have a customer who wants to erase the page but i know that is not possible. The problem is that he has a bad review and is doing bad for business. I thought to make a page with another domain, very different from he owns, and change the owner of the GMB to another firm. The ideea is to index that page with a certain topic and link it with GMB. Is that ok, do you have another way?

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  • Jim Munro: Tim Capper?
  • Dragomir Victor: Should i ask Tim?
  • Jim Munro: I was hoping he might visit here from notification, Dragomir Victor. :)
  • Mal Ö Tonge: Google own location and maps along with the reviews, I don`t think its possible to remove it completely, google have no legal obligation to allow you to delete reviews or locations unless they can be proved to be false which its self would be a difficult task. The only real way around this is to create a new business and change everything including address and business name. its 2018 bad reviews follow people round like a bad smell, get reviews right and they can really help grow your business. one way that you could try and that is by reporting the business as never existing but it will be manual checked and its under google discretion if they remove or not.
  • John Bosworth: Do it the proper way.Respond calmly and effectively to the review, apologise and explain they’ve learnt from this mistake blah blah blah.Then concentrate on getting good reviews to bump the score back up.What’s to say starting a new listing, the reviewer won’t just come back and leave another bad one?
  • Dragomir Victor: The owner doesn`t want to continue with that business but with another similar to this one. It`s complicate, the problem is that the firm name is similar with the name of the site, an every time you write the name appears the GMB page with the review. It seems that is not enought to change the site and adress from GMB, it still appears with the search of the company name.
  • Michael Stricker: Mark the old business as Permanently Out Of Business.
  • Dragomir Victor: I tryied but is not working.
  • Michael Stricker: Dragomir Victor give it time and tell business owner and staff not to verify if called or emailed.
  • Travis Bailey: Get rid of the client. If they`re so worried about a single bad review, more will come. Then you`ll be in a `reputation management` situation. And that`s seldom good, because they generally never remediate the problem that resulted in the bad review.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Yeah, I had one who decided to sue the person who wrote the bad review. Except that only caused high visibility blogs to write about it, helping that to surface in search results, and that same business owner ended up with even more complaints.
  • Travis Bailey: Sweet jeebus. I love those guys. /s I had a client in the medical field that balance billed their patients (max charge insurance, and leave the patient with a hefty bill - then seek collections). It wasn`t my agency, so I had no say.It got to the point where the client wanted the owner of the agency to fire me. All because I tactfully stated they should stop doing `the thing`, because every week I have a new Pissedconsumer or bad GMB review. They`re no longer in business. :)If you mention the Streisand Effect, it just makes them weirder.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Travis yeah I reference the Streisand effect often, just to hopefully wake them up. Rarely helps though
  • Travis Bailey: I had another client (again, I`m just a sellsword in all this), that basically took obscene amounts of money to `train` people for new careers. Except what they did wasn`t remotely worth paying for. They ran afoul of a major news source.Every time we got something buried, this *single* journalist would publish a new article - bam... everything came right back up. They eventually wanted to try to sue - ohhhh man... that would have been bad. Anyway, if they hadn`t been such scumbags - I would have laughed less every time it happened.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: attorney who has me do audits for his site every several months. I suggested most recently he needs to stop self-inflicting the wounds.
  • Travis Bailey: At that point, you have to wonder if you`re too free-wheeling - or you have an enemy at the bar association. None of my legal clients have had those issues, so close together.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Travis this one also doesn`t think the Streisand effect applies to him. so...
  • Travis Bailey: Ah, at that point I generally Willy Wonka the situation. "No. Don`t. Stop...."
  • Francois-Pierre Marcil: GMB pages are a bit problematic right now. It`s too easy to write fake bad reviews and I`ve seen a few clients get attacked by blackhats (I don`t use this term lightly). I`m not sure what the solution is, but I think we might need to move to video reviews (or verified identity reviews) soon. You should have to show your face when you say something and that would eliminate the agencies/blackhat issue. It would also address the angry employee/customer with 10 reviews issue. Mike Blumenthal has been talking about this problem as well, lots of bad reviews right now.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Managing reviews is a skill that should either be taught or executed as a part of any marketing plan nowadays. A bad review with an honest attempt to rectify the situation - whether successful or not - goes a long way to establish both trust and credibility. If you don`t have the skill set to manage reviews - I`d be looking for someone to add to my team who does and who can teach it to you and your clients.
  • Dumb SEO Questions: If the page has a review on it, then it wont be removed when you delete it from dashboard, it will simply become unverified. The only way would be to re-brand the entire business, seems a bit extreme for 1 bad review.
  • Bill Bean: I concur with what everyone else has said. That GMB listing with the negative review isn`t going away. Client should put energy in to gaining new, positive reviews. If client won`t listen, put your energy in to getting a new client. This would likely indicate many more future problems.
  • Dragomir Victor: Thank you guys for the answers.
  • Bonnie Burns: Bad reviews happen. The point is reputation management is important. Address the review and makes negative into a positive. Maybe even a blog post that addresses the concern and the outcome.

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