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Phone number setup for one business which has multiple locations

For one business which has multiple locations is it better to get callrail and call forward to main number or get seperate dedicated phone number.

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  • Alan Bleiweiss: For local SEO needs, it is best to have a unique, local number for each location, however things can get complicated when you are doing paid media campaigns where, in those situations, it can be best to use a system like CallRail to assign a unique number for each campaign. I prefer clients have a unique local number for each location, and then when doing paid media campaigns that are not tied to a specific location, they use a system like CallRail. I haven`t worked on a campaign scenario like that in a while, so I don`t know if a system like CallRail might even be able to be used to generate unique local numbers for individual locations, where you might be able to solve everything through that single system though.
  • Subash Basnet: so do you think use callrail as a permanent number for the business would be better so you don`t have to worry about campaign complication and also with callrail forwarding feature they can receive calls even they are not present at business(travel)?
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Subash to be honest, I am not directly involved enough, at this point, with this aspect of marketing, to provide any more insight. It`s just not an area I deal with very often anymore. I don`t know what is best from an operations or logistic perspective.
  • Subash Basnet: Alan Bleiweiss ok. Which area you are more into?
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Subash I specialize in on-site SEO as my primary focus
  • Subash Basnet: Great. You are the perfect one to ask onsite seo stuff. Can i start with a basic question? What are main terms you look into while you are doing on-site SEO or any standard checklist do you have?
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Annie Cushing has a checklist. https://www.annielytics.com/.../annielytics-site-audit.../
  • Alan Bleiweiss: While I do not want to self-promote, the reality is I also have a simplified checklist that people have found valuable as well, as an alternative to Annie`s. I don`t charge for it, so I`m comfortable with sharing it at this point. https://alanbleiweiss.com/.../simplified-seo-audit.../
  • Subash Basnet: Alan Bleiweiss I preferred your product
  • Paul Lovell: Local Numbers are best for local businesses there are a few good services out there

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