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Two sites on the same IP address

Not sure if this is a dumb question or not so here goes. Hope this makes sense.....
I have site A which is currently 6 months old in a particular niche thats growing each month.
Im thinking of adding a second site B which will be in a different niche and indirectly related to site A which means I could drive some traffic(not all) from B to A.
Should I host both of these on the same server sharing the same IP and if so could it possibly attract penalties from google?

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  • Alan Bleiweiss: If anything is done intentionally to deceive or trick Google through artificial methods, it is vulnerable to penalty. Would both sites have a reason to be helpful to searchers as individual separate sites if you didn`t even consider SEO? To pass muster, the answer needs to be yes.Would either site lead to significant duplication that could result in both sites competing for a significant volume of phrases? To pass muster, the answer to this must be no. (There can be some overlap however it needs to be incidental)Why would you be concerned about servers and IP? The only reason people ask that is because they want to stuff search results with multiple sites and are afraid server and IP sharing would cause Google to catch them in the act. So if your initial answers above pass muster, the answer to that last question needs to be "I don`t want to deceive Google, I just heard it`s a possible concern and wanted to be sure". If so, you are good to proceed.Except why two sites? By having one site, all the value accumulates in one site. With the two sites, you split apart strength signals.
  • Chad Glass: Thanks for the reply Alan. Nothing on site B would be intentional to deceive google.Basically site A is to do with nightlife in a particular city and site B would be an information site related to arrival in the same city without going into huge detail, so there would be no duplication and both have there niches but need to be kept separate. I’m not trying to create a PBN but certainly Site B could help drive ‘some’ traffic to A.You’re answer actually helps me massively so really appreciate it
  • Michael Martinez: You can host a thousand Websites on the same IP address. The search engines don`t care. Like Alan Bleiweiss says, you don`t want to do anything to manipulate search results.
  • Chad Glass: Thanks Michael, my concern was that I didn’t want google to view it as a PBN which it isn’t as only a small portion of traffic could potentially go from site B to A. I want things to be as white hat as possible

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