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Nearly 1000 transferred automatically to the new webmaster

Hi, I recently installed SSL. Then I added the new webmaster in HTTPS Url. In HTTP url webmasters the total count of Links was 1500.

After adding the new webmasters, nearly 1000 transferred automatically to the new webmaster. But nearly 500 backlinks are still in old webmaster.

1. Which is the best way to acquire the remaining to the new HTTPS webmasters.
2. Is it required to delete the old webmasters property.

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  • Alan Bleiweiss: It is not advisable to delete the old webmasters property in place. Keeping it in place is the only way to observe these type of transitions. Note that as long as your server properly redirects every page from the http variant to the https variant, then Google will honor all of the inbound links, even if they`re not listed yet in the new https account in GSC.
  • Michael Stricker: Alan’s right, of course, Google must crawl each of those inbound links and experience the redirect in order to apply them to the HTTPS version. But, consider that GSC is slow to update, and that some of those links may be on deep pages of obscure websites, or rotting away like the dead flesh of a zombie. 🧟‍♂️
  • Blessin Thomas Thottumkal: Thanks mates, As the transition is not happened yet there is some changes in ranking too.. How it can overcome. Can you suggest the best methods.
  • Michael Stricker: Link recovery. TLS site-wide. Zero insecure assets. New XML sitemap in the right protocol and place, and submitted to the right GSC version. Robots.txt via HTTPS. Mobile-friendly. Renders well via JS with all assets necessary to render and function available to crawlers. And, give it time... 4-6 weeks is common, depending on how well the transition was planned.

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