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I don`t see my page ranking for it or related keywords

I took this keyboard for testing purposes, created content on it & build around 10 backlinks. It has been about 1-2 months.
I don`t see my page ranking for it or related keywords, not 1st page, not second... 100th...

What does this means?
- Content sucks
- Backlinks sucks
- It needs more time to see result
- Content and backlinks may be good but keyword is too hard to rank with few backlinks


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  • Michael Martinez: It could also mean "SEO ranking tools suck" and "there is more to SEO than using some tool to make decisions for you". In other words, why did you expect to achieve some arbitrary target (some desired ranking) for a random keyword? What value were you creating for the people who might search on that query?
  • Toka Janelidze: That`s not random keyword.And my content does provide value.I simply choose one medium keyword and tried to rank for it.
  • Toka Janelidze: As it looks like you don`t have much trust for kwfinder, how keyword research should be done?
  • Michael Martinez: Toka Janelidze In the world of SEO I tend to be the most skeptical of the value of any tool, service, or technique for reasons too numerous to go into. My point is that when whatever you are doing doesn`t work, how can you take a different approach? It`s easy enough to pick a tool or technique that you like; but it`s not so easy to look at everything from the searcher`s point of view. And we all search every day. But you`re no longer the innocent searcher. When I ask what value you`re creating, I am asking you to shed everything you know as a marketer and look at what your content does for someone who isn`t thinking about keywords.
  • Toka Janelidze: But even if your content is great for searcher Google will not rank you on first position if you don`t do on&off page SEO.I am asking about seo result, not user stratification.
  • Michael Martinez: Toka Janelidze You`re still thinking like a marketer. Everyone has amazing content, it`s highly relevant, the keywords are competitive and important, etc. We all see what we do through that lens. But when it`s not working for you -- when you`re not getting the results you want -- you have to ask yourself what you could have done differently. Oftentimes people tell me that when they can step outside their typical assumptions about what is good (as well as "good for SEO") they start to see things they didn`t see before. You`re asking people to tell you how to fix a problem where they know nothing about your chosen query or the content you published. All we can provide in return is encouragement for you to be self-critical in a positive way.
  • Toka Janelidze: Got the point, I`ll try to take a look from different angle
  • Srinath Rangaswamy: Michael Martinez That was some powerful stuff right there. Scriptwriter at Hollywood, eh! Yes, I have been flummoxed after throwing everything at a landing page yet not seeing anything move yet weeks later, voila!
  • Jim Munro: Toka Janelidze Re: "Google will not rank you on first position if you don`t do on&off page SEO." This is generally true but I`m not sure it`s entirely accurate. I`ve stumbled across random results from time to time ranking top of the serp with bad on page and no findable offpage. Sometimes there`s just no explanation.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: In addition to the excellent insight Michael Martinez has provided, I will add this: No page is an island unto itself, unless you create a stand-alone skyscraper site. So how many pages are on the site? How strong is the SEO on each of those pages? How strong is internal linking? How many earned inbound links exist pointing to those pages? This all matters, when it comes to wanting to get a single page ranked.
  • Dan Thies: Identify a target audience. Deliver value. Promote the crap out of it. Drive traffic from somewhere other than search engines.
  • Jobin John: If the content is great then I would definitely check for on page seo factors like use of h1, h2, h3 tags, Meta description, schema markup and more.... once the onpage factors are perfect only then would I try link building.
  • Toka Janelidze: Thanks all of you for your effort & opinions

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