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I can`t even see my site in google

Hey all! Complete newbie here... I`ve created an online store via shopify and now looking into SEO as I can`t even see my site in google unless I use the actual business name.. please help in where I should start. I have no clue...

Www.dearisla.com.au if that helps.


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  • Craig Johnstone: submit your site to google using google search console or search google for "add url to google", make sure your on page SEO has been set up. if you are using wordpress try something like SEOQuake or Yoast to help you. Then get a Blog up and running.
  • Mike Marzano: what `terms` do you WANT to rank your website for? you need to start there... unless you know what you goal is, achieving the goal is impossible.
  • Craig Johnstone: agreed.. I was mainly trying to help Shannon to get her site on google
  • Mike Marzano: Craig Johnstone sure, it`s also good advice. For a complete newbie there`s reams of things she need to hear so all good
  • Maria Patterson: A good start for some new to SEO https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo
  • Yaser Arshad: U have 21 pages indexed on Google at the moment. Have you set up the Google search console? Also There are some webpages that I would advise you to remove from the robot.txt file and you should let Google crawl those pages.
  • David Gizzarelli: Submit your site to bing 😂😳😊

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