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What is the best tool to use to index backlinks?

ok, there appears to be an issue with some of my backlinks not being indexed by google, what is the best tool to use to index backlinks, web 2.0s etc.
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  • Chris Boggs: the best "tool" for this is to find places that Google cares about (crawls & indexes) and get links there. BTW is this web 2.0s for realz? :p
  • Ryan Jones: what exactly is web2.0 these days?
  • Ronnie Lawson-Jones: if google isn`t finding your backlinks naturally then they`re pretty bad backlinks
  • Alan Bleiweiss: For those interested, "Web 2.0" is code for spam. I haven`t ever seen a "Web 2.0" scheme provide any value to people searching for quality, trustworthy information.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: For context, it`s not uncommon to see "web 2.0" alongside "affiliate links", "money sites", "burn and churn", "build to rent", "PBN", and other "get rich without having a legitimate business" terms.

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